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Bara Consulting undertakes studies, due diligence, detailed design and operational support to the mining industry world-wide.

Jim Pooley and Pat Willis, previously of Turgis Consulting, formed a new mining consulting company in 2013 (Bara Consulting).  Jim leads our South African and International office and Pat heads our UK group.  Andrew Bamber is tasked with developing our business in the America's and is based in Vancouver, Canada.

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Over the last few years the trend has been for small consultancies to be absorbed into large engineering groups.  The time is now right for the re-emergence of the small, low overhead consultancy.  We believe that there is a need to provide much more value for money, specialised solutions into some sectors of the industry. 

From its small beginnings of 4 founding partners, we now have direct access through our associate model to over 25 specialist  consultants, some of the world’s leading mining skills.   This model has allowed us to expand rapidly without incuring large overheads.  We currently (since January 2015) have projects in the following countries:

  • Australia (Cu)
  • Bosnia (Pb)
  • Botswana (Diamonds, Cu)
  • Brazil (Ni)
  • Burundi (COLTAN)
  • Republic of Congo (Phosphate)
  • Czech Republic (Sn, Li)
  • DRC (Cu, Au, Sn)
  • England (Potash)
  • Germany (Sn)
  • Ghana (Au)
  • Indonesia (Coal)
  • Kazahkstan (Au)
  • Kenya (Aggregate)
  • Mauritania (Fe)
  • Namibia (Pb, Au, Ag, Cu, Zn)
  • Norway (Coal)
  • Russia (Au, Cu)
  • Rwanda (Au)
  • Scotland (Au, Ag)
  • Senegal (Au)
  • South Africa (Au, PGM, Coal, Fe, Mn)
  • Spain (U)
  • Sudan (Au)
  • Tanzania (Graphite)
  • Thailand (Pb, Ag, Zn)
  • Turkey (Coal)
  • Ukraine (Fe)
  • Venezuela (Ni) 
  • Zambia (Ca)
  • Zimbabwe (Au, W, Li)

Latest News

Continuing the tradition, Pat Willis of Bara Consulting, which is a Gold Sponsor of MinSouth, presented a cheque for GBP1,000 to Hannah Burt of the Camborne School of Mines at MinSouths's 60th Anniversary Dinner on 26th January 2018. 

Andrew Bamber (Andy) has recently joined the Bara team (March 2017) as the Principal responsible for growing our business in the America's.  He has a wealth of experience across Africa and the America's.  The last few years he has specialised in sensor based grade control and ore sorting and was the founder and CEO of MineSense Technolgies Ltd.  He is currently based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

An unusual sight of David Reeves (Chairman - European Metals Holdings Ltd) and Jim Pooley (MD Bara RSA) at the international boundary between Germany and Czech Republic underground at a museam mine in Germany which borders European Metal's Cinovec Project in Czech Republic.  This was part of a site visit, in September 2016, assessing potential ground conditons for this underground project. 

The arrival of two containers on Monday 9th May 2016 brought some excitement to the town of Tyndrum in Scotland as the pilot plant for the bulk test programme at Scotgold's Cononish Gold and Silver Project was delievered. By Tuesday the suppliers team from APT had partially constructed the plant, photo below, and Scotgold will shortly be producing gold.  Bara has been awarded the contract to compile an addendum of the BFS to reflect the new production plans.  For more information check out Scotgold's web site.


Pat Willis handing over a cheque to Josh Read of Camborne School of Mines on behalf of MinSouth at the recent Mines and Money event in London.  Bara makes an annual contribution to assist mining related students managed though the IoM3 .



Jim Pooley (RSA)                        Tel +27 (0) 82 373 0796

Pat Willis (UK)                           Tel + 44 (0) 7810 182 169                                                                                                                             or +27 (0) 82 452 2766

Andrew Bamber (CA)         Tel +1 778 386 8085


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