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Our pool of consultants have an extensive background across a broad range of projects.  This cuts across most commodities and covers both underground and open pit operations.  Although our core experience base is the managment of study and due diligence work, we also have consultants with extensive EPCM type project managment as well as operational management experience.

Below is a selection of projects started over the last 12 months catagorised by mineral, country and type of project (Study Work, Due Dilligence, Detail Design or Operational Support).  This is not a complete list as some projects are excluded for confidentiality  reasons and some started more than 12 months ago and are on-going.  Previous projects are listed in the archive at the end of this list.


Start Date

Mineral Country Type Description
May 2017 Ni Brazil Study DFS level design of a water supply for a nickel project
April 2017 Cu DRC Study Scoping study update of an u/g copper project
April 2017 Ni Tanzania Study Review and evaluation of a nickel deposit
April 2017 Au South Africa Design Grout plant design for a South African u/g gold mine
March 2017 Fe South Africa DD Due diligence of iron ore deposit
March 2017 COLTAN Burundi DD Review of metallurgical design
March 2017 Pb Bosnia Ops On-site implementation assistance
March 2017 Coal Turkey DD Due diligence of an u/g coal mine
March 2017 Au South Africa Study Scoping study of reopening of an u/g gold mine
March 2017 Au Rwanda DD Metallurgical and plant review
March 2017 Au Ghana DD Expert witness in an arbitration
March 2017 Coal South Africa DD Expert witness in a dispute
Feb 2017 Au South Africa DD Investigation and opinion on shaft incident
Feb 2017 Cu Namibia Study Desk top study for re-opening copper mines
Feb 2017 Au Zimbabwe DD High level review
Feb 2017 Cu DRC Study Scoping study update
Feb 2017 Au Senegal DD High level due diligence of a gold open pit project
Jan 2017 Cu Russia DD High level due diligence of a copper open pit project
Dec 2016 Graphite Tanzania Study DFS of a graphite mine
Nov 2016 Au South Africa Design Detail design of a grout plant
Nov 2016 Diamond Botswana DD High level review and valuation
Nov 2016 Cu & Ag Thailand Ops Assistance with mine permitting
Nov 2016 Au RSA Study Feasibility study on a deep level gold mine
Nov 2016 Au Sudan Study Process design
Oct 2016 Li & Sn Czech Study PFS on an underground mine
Sept 2016 Au RSA Study Scoping study to extend below a deep level shaft system
Sept 2016 Aggregate Kenya DD Due diligence on a quarry and concrete business
July 2016 Graphite Tanzania Study Feasibility study of a graphite mine
July 2016 Au Namibia Ops Cost modelling for an operational gold mine
June 2016 Au Russia DD High level fatal flaw analysis of a major gold producer
May 2016 Au RSA Study PFS for a deep level u/g gold mine
May 2016 Au/Ag Scotland Study Addendum to a BFS

2016 Project Archive

2015 Project Archive

2014 Project Archive

2013 Project Archive



Jim Pooley (RSA)                   jim@baraconsulting.co.za               Tel +27 (0) 82 373 0796

Pat Willis (UK)                        patw@baraconsulting.co.uk             Tel + 44 (0) 7810 182 169                                                                                                                             or +27 (0) 82 452 2766

Andrew Bamber (CA)            bamber@baraconsulting.co.uk       Tel +1 778 386 8085








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