Adding Environment, Sustainability and Governance to our Services

At Bara we are always keen to learn and expand our scope of professional services, which we always aim to deliver in a  practical, effective and cost-effective manner for our clients. Particularly for our clients, and therefore for us as consultants, understanding environmental and social megatrends and how to consider them is essential in order to preserve existing as well as identify new opportunities. We understand shareholders and investors are now encouraging from the top down new conditions on investing in the various projects in which we are involved via such emerging ESG investing requirements. Having recently signed up Andrew Nicholson as our Principal Environmental Consultant, we are pleased to announce his recent Certification in ESG Investing. The key points for us as Consultants to learn from his efforts are:

  • Gaining a broad understanding of how ESG is defined within the financial industry, and how it is incorporated into the investment decision process, particularly for Resource Companies.
  • Mapping that to our understanding of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment as it is currently practised in the Industry.
  • Adding to that a better understanding of the fiduciary duty (and voluntary initiatives such as the PRI) of listed companies with a focus on governance and reporting requirements.

As a result we now feel we are better able to integrate practical Environmental and Social Management Systems, as we implement those for clients with additional elements of Corporate Governance, in order to fairly assess client’s compliance to the expectations of the growing ESG investing community.  We believe we are now well positioned to advise clients on how to structure a project from the bottom-up to better appeal to investors, thereby potentially reducing development timelines as well as, potentially, the cost of capital.

Please contact:

Andrew Nicholson,


Dr. Andrew Bamber,

for more information.